About Us

The Microscopy Society was formed in 1981 to link together scientists and students with a common interest in electron microscopy. The original name of the Society was the Connecticut Electron Microscopy Society and the name was not changed until 1995 to the Connecticut Microscopy Society (ConnMS).  The name change came about due to the increasing interest among members in different areas of microscopy. Through the years the Society has maintained its strong links to the New England Microscopy Society (NESM) and to the Microscopy Society of America (MSA). The Society offers students and researchers the opportunity to network and share ideas and techniques. Meetings are held two times each year in October and March at various research institutions in Connecticut.   Our third meeting is held the weekend of May 9th at the Woods Hole Oceanagraphic Institute in conjunction with the New England Society for Microscopy in Massachusetts.

Research Activities

Scientific, medical and industrial research in a variety of disciplines and settings which utilize light, fluorescent, confocal, atomic force, scanning and transmission electron microscopies and 3D image – reconstruction techniques.

Our Members

For 25 years the Connecticut Microscopy Society has encouraged microscopists within Connecticut to interact academically and professionally. Our primary goal is the exchange of research strategies and continuation of microscopy through student involvement. The Society also strives to increase awareness of various microscopic disciplines and their impact in research and industry. Affiliations with the New England Microscopy Society and the Microscopy Society of America allow opportunities for continuing education and participation in national certification programs. We also foster relationships between microscopy suppliers and researchers.


The Connecticut Microscopy Society was originally established in 1981 as The Connecticut Electron Microscopy Society. The original founders of the Society included Philippe Male (Yale Univ), Martin Levin (Eastern CT State Univ), and Joseph Musco (Yale Univ). They began the Society for the love of electron microscopy and their intention was to share their enthusiasm with colleagues and students. As the years progressed, the Society fluorished and expanded to the over 140 members we have today. During this progression, we experienced changes in meeting locations and meeting styles, officers from Institutions throughout the State and even a change in novel microscopy techniques. Below is a list of all Institutions represented in the Society and a list of the types of microscopy that are the current focus of the Society. Along with the evolution in research and membership we had a change in our title. In 1995 the “Electron” was dropped from our name and we now call ourselves the Connecticut Microscopy Society to reflect the change in focus to all types of microscopy (electron, light, fluorescent, confocal, atomic force, scanning electron). As we move forward to the future, our goal is to increase the diversity among our members, strengthen our student population and to maintain our committment to microscopy research through networking and multiple meetings each year.

Institutions represented in the Society

  • Arch Chemicals. Inc.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals
  • Connecticut College
  • Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Kodak Corporation
  • Harvard University
  • Naugatuck Valley Community College
  • Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
  • Philips Inc.
  • Pratt and Whitney Corporation
  • Quinnipiac University
  • Rogers Corporation
  • Southern Connecticut State University
  • UCONN Health Center
  • University of Connecticut
  • United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service
  • Wesleyan University
  • Yale University